Loving nature: Holiday at an organic mountain farm

Loving nature: Holiday at an organic mountain farm

More and more people are interested in organic farming and put great importance on a healthy diet. The farm Kaserhof has specialized in the production of organic farm products. We manufacture our products according to strict organic standards and we are proud to offer our holiday guests pure organic products. Out of principle we are a member of the quality seal “Bund Alternativer Anbau” (Association for alternative cultivation).

Farm products – fresh from the farm

Cheese and eggs – as fresh as ever!

The farm Kaserhof produces its own cheese. We use the fresh goat milk from our farm animals. Join us, when milk cheese, yogurt and butter are produced and taste these delicious delicacies.

The chickens on the farm deliver your fresh breakfast egg and your children can help us collecting eggs.

Farm dairy at the Kaserhof

Experience the art of cheese making at the farm Kaserhof

Farm dairy at the Kaserhof

Farmer Arnold presents himself, his family and our various fresh products with great pride. You are welcome to accompany the master cheese-maker during his work and discover how from liquid goat’s milk cheese, yogurt and butter are produced.

With great effort and handwork, on the farm Kaserhof cheeses, butter and yogurt are produced.

The virtually unspoilt mountain farm is home to 40 goats. The farm Kaserhof offers a 6 hectare meadow, which is free from artificial fertilizers and thus includes many types of flowers and grasses. The animals enjoy healthy food and for making cheese this is an ideal starting point.

Apart from the daily experiences, advanced and continuing education is required for a successful product.

Our natural products made from our farm’s milk are very special!

Products from the farm Kaserhof

Milk, eggs, yogurt, butter, cream cheese from goat milk, cheese made from goat milk.

In the summer we also offer you our fresh garden vegetables. In spring and summer, there are even more farm products awaiting you, such as syrups, fruit spreads and pickles.